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The land (1.2 ha) was purchased in 2009.

The community was organized/incorporated in 2006.

People started living in the community in 2009.

Location: Sub-Urban

Description: In summer 2009 our community bought an empty sanatorium, which was idle for many years, with a large park garden and several buildings. Presently we are reconstructing the main building transforming the many guest rooms into living spaces for singles, couples, families and groups. We have a number of community rooms and also special rooms for our children and youths.

We are open for people of different spiritual, religious or cultural background. We aim a conscious, inspired way of living, by integrating spirituality into everyday life. We take ourselves time for celebrations, rituals, songs, dances and meditation. We find guidance by our heart, mind, and intuition and by invisible forces. As group we often go into silence (meditations, attunements), to connect with the universe, to interconnect with ourselves and as an important tool for decision making.

In living together we want to honor the diversity of each individual. This encourages free acting and personal development and enriches the community life. As a community we take care and support each other. We already consist of 3 and aim for 4 generations as basis for a sustainable living.

We aim to heat our buildings with solar energy only. We will reduce the energy demand to 20% and the CO2-output to 10% of the original values by installing a novel solar heating system. Low temperature solar heat is stored in huge refurbished oil tanks, filled with water, and transferred to higher temperatures by a very efficient heat pump. For the thermal isolation of the building we use ecological materials, such as cellulose fibers made from recycled paper. For the reconstruction we use biological materials such as wood, clay, straw, cork, lime and sand. Some heating walls are made of clay or clay bricks. Rainwater from the roof is collected and used in the garden, for toilet flushing and for the washing machines. Organic wastes are collected and composted.

All members are responsible for their own income. Most are working part time outside of the community, however we plan to generate more jobs within our community with following project:

- A part of the main building is reserved for a project named „place of shelter“, a kind of recovery centre for people that need some support in finding new steps in their life.

- The former therapy building shall be transformed, partly to be used for wellness and therapies but also as a place of meeting, inspiration and creativity with several art ateliers.

- The garden shall be transformed applying permaculture principles. We are looking for additional land for our permaculture project as well as for a new camping to be built for yurts, transformed construction trailers and tents.

We are lucky to have several organic farms nearby and several alternative schools, such as a Steiner school and a new school applying non-directive education.

Integration is an important issue for us and we have already good understanding and cooperation with people, authorities and organizations in our area.

Most members speak schweizerdeutsch (swiss german), but other languages are also spoken: dutch, english, french, german, italian, spanish and even esperanto

No. of Residents: About 75

No. of  Members: About 30 adults with a bit less than 30 children

Visitors Received: Volunteers and Work Exchange

Specialty Areas:

- Arts & Culture

- Consensus/Decision Making

- Healing

- Ecological Living Practices

- Facilitation and Mediation

- Fundraising/Fundearning Skills

- Organic Agriculture

- Permaculture/Design

- Preventive Health Practices

- Renewable Technologies/Energy Management

- Retrofitting Existing Structures

- Spiritual practices

- Vegetarian/Vegan

- Waste Management

Common grounds

our way to live and communicate

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EVS Volunteers

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Powerpoint presentation

about us from the year 2013

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Interview with Rene H

Rene H, one of our co-founders, gave an Interview to 1bank4all

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