Common Ground

1. Active participation

I recognize that an important task to interact with and for the community; this may also enhance my personal development.

2. Growth

I recognize that an important aspect of community life is to engage myself in experiments with courage, spontaneity and humor, thereby learning and growing together with others. I am open to constructive criticism by others and, if helpful, I will offer others constructive feedback. I realize that I am responsible for my own personal development.

3. Integrity

I aim for high standards of personal integrity and authenticity and strive to have my thoughts, words and deeds conform.

4. Respect

I endeavor to respect my own boundaries and the boundaries of others. I do my best to see others as unique beings and to treat them with respect, tolerance, care and patience. I appreciate their diversity.

5. Resources

It is important for me to be conscious and to act consciously in my consumer behavior (energy, water, food, consum- er goods). I connect myself with and maintain the place where I live and respect and care for humans, animals and nature.

6. Communication

I am willing to listen actively and to communicate directly. I can only speak for myself and about my own needs. I try to express myself clearly, honestly, lovingly and considerately. In public and in private I do not talk about other people in a way that maligns or demeans them. I am aware that by speaking about others, I may solidify thereby a reality, which may be incorrect.

7. Reflection

I am aware that anything I perceive as being outside of myself – criticism, aggravation, or appreciation – may also be a reflection of what is inside of me. I commit to look within myself before projecting on to others.

8. Responsibility

I take responsibility for my actions.

9. Nonviolence

I will not (consciously) intrude on others with my behavior or needs. I will intervene, if I see that someone is being manipulated, intimidated or abused by another person.

10. Solidarity

I see myself as a part of the whole and reflect upon what I can do for the growth and the well-being of the community.

11. Cooperation

Openness, transparent communication and solidarity are important to me in cooperation. I will clearly communicate my intentions and activities that involve other people. I will consider the opinions of others carefully and respectfully. I respectfully recognize that the decisions made by others were elaborated with care, integrity, thoroughness and love.

12. Conflict resolution

If someone or something annoys me, I will go within to see whether I can develop a constructive and solution-oriented proposal for it. I will make an effort to resolve personal or material conflicts as rapidly and directly as possible. If necessary, I will ask for assistance from third parties. (Mediation)

13. Commitment

I commit myself to fulfill the tasks which I take on. If, at some point this is not possible, it is my responsibility to communicate this immediately and to help finding a new solution.